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Pink Salt

Welcome to Halifax's most epic clothing swap

Want to refresh your closet, give your unwanted clothes a new life, and work towards making your wardrobe more sustainable, all while supporting a great cause in your community? Look no further than The Great Halifax Clothing Swap.


The next event will take place in September 2024, so subscribe to the email list to receive updates and event details when they are available. See you at the swap!

Image by Katy Anne
Pink Salt

How it works

Start by cleaning out  your dresser drawers and decluttering your closet. Find items that are clean and in good condition (no stains/tears/odours) that you no longer wear. We accept clothing, shoes, and accessories for all ages, sizes, and identities. 

Upon entry to the swap, you will leave your donations at the sorting table by the entrance so that they can be added to the swap tables by our volunteers. You are then free to peruse the clothing tables and keep any items you would like for yourself. There is no limit on the amount of clothing you can take, so please bring a bag for your finds.

Leftover items are donated to our charity partner, Affirmative Ventures, at the end of the event.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Laing House, a nonprofit organization with a focus on empowering young people aged 16-29 who have lived through a mental health experience.

Swap Items
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Items we accept

In order to participate, you must donate a minimum of 5 pieces of swappable clothing, shoes, bags, and/or accessories. All genders, all orientations, all identities welcome. The emphasis is on women's clothing, but nothing that is in good, clean condition will be turned away. There is no maximum, and the more you donate, the better the swap will be for everyone!

A note on what to swap. Items must be:

  • Clean, in good condition

  • Free from odours, stains, broken hardware (e.g. zippers), holes, missing buttons, etc.

Think of it like this: If you wouldn't be excited to give it to a friend, it probably shouldn't be swapped.

All items that are not successfully swapped on site are donated to local charity.

Shades of Grey

Let's get swapping!

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